The Duality of Eating Disorders

An eating disorder is not something that appears overnight. You probably think often, “Where did this come from?” or “Why am I this way?” The answer differs for everyone, but one thing seems to be consistent – lots of distressing things have happened to you and inside of you. 

More than Self-Image?

You probably associate your disordered eating with self-image. If you were just a few pounds lighter… if you could just reach that goal weight… everything would be better in your life. If you saw the desired number on the scale then you would feel better about yourself and all your problems would go away. You probably find yourself stuck in a loop of diets, exercise routines, or researching the latest health fads – all to spiral back to unhealthy habits in the end.

Eating disorders are often associated with food, eating, and weight. It sounds obvious, right? Those three components definitely contribute to disordered eating and play a huge role in the issue – so why can’t you seem to recover by changing your diet and exercise? 

Discovering Your “Self” – Healing Your “Parts”

Licensed counselor and author Amy Yandel Grabowski highlights there are two halves to recovering from eating disorders. In her book, “An Internal Family Systems Guide to Recovery From Eating Disorders: Healing Part by Part,” she introduces the idea of people having “parts”. These parts of us add up to create our true “Self.” When our parts have been through past trauma and endured pain over time, we start to lose our sense of self and feel lost, confused, empty and even afraid. Grabowski writes there is more to recovery than focusing on weight and food. While these aspects are important components in the contribution of eating disorders, we also must focus on healing our wounded “parts” in effort to find and connect with our “Self.” 

The self is who you truly are at your core – your intuitions, your values, what you truly want in life. Trying to recover from disordered eating by focusing solely on aspects surrounding food will lead to a continuous cycle of unhealthy habits that are often not sustainable. Once you begin healing your soul and take the time to listen to the wounded and burdened parts of yourself that have been begging for your attention, the issues surrounding body image and disordered eating patterns will have a strong and beautiful foundation for healing to take place. You have everything you need to recover inside of you – your inner resources. You may just need a guide to help you find them. 

Heal With Us

You are not your eating disorder. You are not the number on the scale. You are a whole, beautiful human worthy of living a life free from the burden of your inner wounds. Highland Healing Center offers eating disorder treatment in Baton Rouge using trauma-sensitive principles to help you heal part-by-part. You are worthy of connecting with your essential self and enjoying the meaningful life you have always wanted. 

Our trauma-sensitive therapy approaches may help you to find peace with food, eating, and the vehicle your exquisitely sensitive soul lives in (your body). If you feel you are in need of eating disorder treatment in Baton Rouge, reach out to Highland Healing Center today to be connected to one of our highly trained therapists. You have all the resources within you, and we would be honored to partner with you on your healing path towards recovery. 

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