Teen Therapy

Is Your Teen Struggling? Are You Not Sure How To Help?

Is Your Teen Trying To Navigate the Difficult Adolescent Journey?

Is your teen suffering from anxiety or depression and mood swings?

Does your teen show signs of an eating disorder?

Maybe your teen is feeling pressured by peers or is being bullied?

Are you lost as a parent and not sure where to turn next?

Teenage years can be a turbulent time, filled with physical, emotional, and social changes that can leave both Teens/Adolescents and their parents feeling overwhelmed.

When Your Teen Is Feeling Lost You May Not Know Where To Turn For Help.

Our Baton Rouge teen therapists are here to support you through this tumultuous time of transition and confusion. We know how hard it is to find a therapist in Baton Rouge that your teen feels comfortable with and you know is highly trained.

Our Highland Healing Center Teen Therapists will provide a consultation before you decide to move forward with weekly therapy appointments. This is to ensure your teen and our therapist are a good match and feel comfortable with each other.

Understanding Teenagers… Adolescence: A Complex Stage of Development

When your Teenager is in the midst of a critical stage of development known as adolescence– typically spanning from ages 13 to 19– this stage involves significant physical, cognitive, and emotional changes. Adolescents are navigating their identities, peer relationships, academic pressures, and the search for independence.

All of these factors can contribute to a rollercoaster of emotions, from anxiety and depression to mood swings and identity crises. In fact, the teenagers can be particularly vulnerable to conditions like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self harm and substance abuse. It is crucial to address these issues promptly to prevent long-term consequences.

Can My Teen Move Through These Intense Mental Health Challenges?

At Highland Healing Center in Baton Rouge our Teen therapists value healing and growth. We also want you as a parent to experience these changes in yourself and your family. Parenting is hard and we want to help you and your teen feel more connected to yourselves, each other and the world around you.

The Benefits of Teen Therapy

Today’s busy Culture can make it hard to fit Teen Therapy in your schedule. You may wonder, will teen therapy be worth it?

Teen therapy is a valuable resource for adolescents and their families as they navigate the challenging time of adolescence.

Teen Therapy provides a safe and supportive space for teens to explore their emotions, develop essential life skills, and understand mental health challenges.

By acknowledging the unique needs of teenagers and seeking professional help when necessary, parents and caregivers can empower their teens to overcome obstacles and thrive during this critical phase of development.

Teen therapy offers a range of benefits that can profoundly impact the lives of adolescents:

Improved Mental Health: Therapy can lead to reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders, improving overall well-being.

Enhanced Relationships: Adolescents can develop healthier relationships with peers, and parents, leading to more harmonious and connected interactions.

Better Academic Performance: Improved coping skills and reduced stress can contribute to better academic performance.

Increased Self-Esteem: Therapy helps adolescents build self-esteem and a positive self-image, improving confidence and self-assuredness.

Crisis Prevention: Early intervention through therapy can prevent crises, such as substance abuse or self-harm, from escalating.

If you're interested in teen therapy or have concerns about a teenager in your life, our Baton Rouge therapists are here to help you and your teen. Taking this step can make a lasting, positive impact on a teenager's life.

We know you may still have questions about the process of Teen Therapy…

Will my teen open up in sessions?

Most teens do open up in environments where they feel seen and validated. We believe teens have instincts about who they feel safe with and we are committed to providing a team of caring, empathetic, creative therapists who have also had personal struggles and are committed to their own healing journey so they can hold a non-judgmental space for your teen. Our highly trained therapists use a variety of modalities.

Types of Teen Therapy…

Individual Therapy: There are various therapeutic modalities tailored to the specific needs of teenagers our Baton Rouge Therapists are trained including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Emotional Freedom Techniques and EMDR.

Group Therapy: Teens can benefit from sharing experiences and connecting with peers in a group setting, which can be especially helpful for social and behavioral challenges. Group therapy with trained therapists focusing on attachment trauma and eating disorders can be beneficial to help with the added support and realization they are not alone in what they are experiencing.

Family Therapy: Our family Therapy is aligned with Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s approach, who is clinical psychologist and author of her book "The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children," Dr. Shefali believes parents can better connect with and understand their children by first understanding themselves.

Here are some key principles and ideas from Dr. Shefali's approach to connecting with your child:

Self-Awareness: Dr. Shefali emphasizes the importance of parents developing self-awareness and self-reflectiveness. She believes that parents must examine their own emotional and psychological patterns to become better parents.

Empathy and Connection: Building a strong emotional connection with your child is a central theme in her work. She suggests that parents should try to understand their child's perspective and emotions, even when they are challenging or difficult.

Conscious Communication: Dr. Shefali emphasizes the importance of open and honest communication with your child. This includes allowing your child to express their feelings and thoughts without fear of punishment or judgment.

Avoiding Labels and Expectations: She encourages parents to avoid labeling their children and placing rigid expectations on them. Instead, parents should focus on nurturing their child's unique qualities and interests.

Parenting as a Spiritual Journey: Dr. Shefali views parenting as a spiritual journey that can lead to personal growth and transformation. She believes that the challenges of parenting provide opportunities for self-discovery and self-improvement.

Accepting Imperfection: She emphasizes that both parents and children are imperfect, and it's important to embrace these imperfections as part of the journey of growth and connection.

At Highland Healing Center our Teen Therapists in Baton Rouge believe Parents and Teens Can heal together and, even though it does not seem like it, your teen does want a close and connected relationship with you.

We are here to help you feel supported and hopeful as you and your teen learn to connect in a new and meaningful way.

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