LGBTQ Therapy

Do the challenges you face as a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, or Questioning Individual feel impossible to overcome?

LGBTQ Individuals face difficult and stressful challenges related to coming out, navigating family dynamics, discrimination, and the struggle for acceptance.

Have you ever labeled yourself as a misfit or an outsider who has no place in this world? Maybe you feel like you have to resort to food, alcohol, or drugs for comfort, because you find it hard to connect with others. Have you felt ashamed to be who you truly are around family or friends? Do you sometimes think, “If I was just normal, life would be so much easier?”

Our HHC Therapists Are Here To Help

Many LGBTQ people struggle with this feeling like the world is against them.

Unfortunately, this is often the case. We live in an homophobic culture, especially in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It’s in the air we breathe, the media we consume, and is interwoven in our history. It can show up in how we were raised, how we were treated by our peers and what we are taught in our schools and faith communities. Most LGBTQ people have to discover their identity all on their own, as if they are the first person to feel these feelings. Many never realize until much later that questioning or experimenting is an option.

This Struggle has Consequences.

Individuals within the LGBTQ community face a 2.5 times greater likelihood of experiencing depression, anxiety, and substance abuse compared to heterosexual identifying individuals. Suicide rates are elevated, and social support is usually limited. Those with one or more queer identities are at a heightened risk of encountering discrimination in areas such as housing, employment, and medical care. These challenges intensify for LGBTQ+ individuals who are non-white, as they contend with heightened discrimination at the intersections of race, sexuality, and gender presentation. LGBTQ therapy can give you a safe place to express and process these unique stressors, recognizing the impact they have had on your own well-being.


Internalized homophobia is hard to avoid.

When we are fed hateful, negative messages about who we are, often we turn on ourselves. This can result in feelings of self-hatred, anxiety, depression, shame and a deep sense of loneliness. Beginning LGBTQ therapy will not erase all of these problems from your life. However, our LGBTQ affirming therapists at Highland Healing Center in Baton Rouge can offer you a safe place to express yourself to someone who has actually been there in one way or another. We are here to give you an accepting caring place where you can process your fears and hurts and begin to heal those wounded places within yourself.

Yes, Healing is Possible for YOU

We know that healing is possible because our therapists at Highland Healing Center have experienced healing in our own lives. And we are committed to this healing journey. And since you are reading this, we believe you are too. Through healing modalities and a caring therapeutic relationship you can reprocess past trauma, whether it be sexual, physical, emotional or attachment trauma from your past. Slower is always faster when creating safety in a healing therapeutic relationship and as this happens you will begin to connect the dots of all that has happened to you, making sense of your emotions and reclaiming your life as you step into your authentic self.

“True Belonging is the spiritual practice of believing in and belonging to yourself so deeply that you can share your most authentic self with the world…True belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are; it requires you to be who you are.”

Brene Brown

How does LGBTQ therapy work?

At Highland Healing Center we work with clients using a trauma-informed holistic approach working with the mind, emotions, spirit and body attending to the whole person. By learning to connect with your emotions and your true self, you’ll begin to notice when and how emotions arise, and learn ways to meet your own needs and regulate your emotions when triggered with compassion and acceptance. Often, this looks like our therapists using EMDR, EFT (Tapping) and IFS to help identify old patterns of thinking and old relationship patterns that can get repeated over and over. This new awareness of how the past is controlling your present and using techniques to help you regulate your nervous system begins to unearth deep unconscious encoding messages and it's a liberating process to sift through and only keep the messages that are true of you. This explorative journey can gently place you back into the driver’s seat of your own experience and absolutely redirect your life and future.

What if the damage done can’t be repaired?

This is a common thought at the beginning of therapy. You may doubt your abilities because they have been buried under so many layers of pain and protection mechanisms. Part of the gift of working with a compassionate therapist is having someone witness you and see your inherent strengths and yes, even after all you have been through, change is possible.

How long will I need to be in LGBTQ therapy?

Typically, you will start to feel lighter and have new insights after 4-6 sessions. People generally prefer 12-36 weekly sessions. We will work together to create a plan that addresses your goals and assess our progress along the way.


At Highland Healing Center in Baton Rouge we provide a nonjudgmental space where you can come as you are, discover who you want to be, and figure out what is getting in the way.

Whether it’s working through sexuality issues, trauma, or figuring out how to be in the world and learning to navigate your relationships, we are here to help you walk through the world whole and confident with a sense of belonging. We will partner with you through this process, whether you are in the realm of discovering a new or shifting identity or navigating life in your current landscape.

It is our honor to offer all of our experience and knowledge to members of our community who are struggling. We can help you develop the skills you need to live your life to the fullest and love yourself deeply in a world that has taught you to doubt your value. You deserve to reclaim all of you.

This courageous journey can be scary, and the process can also be rewarding. You are not alone. If you are feeling confused or experiencing challenges in your life, please reach out for a free consultation.

Here's what to do next

If you’re interested in LGBTQ therapy, contact us for a free 20 minute consultation. We can see clients living anywhere in the state of Louisiana and offer in-person counseling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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