Eating Disorder Treatment

Is Obsessing Over Food and Body Issues Consuming Your Life?

If so, are you considering Eating Disorder Treatment?

Does your daily reality involve intense feelings of shame, guilt, and self-criticism related to your body, weight, and food choices?

Living with an eating disorder is not easy. Do you often feel empty, hollow, defective and just not good enough?

You may feel trapped in a cycle of obsession, preoccupation, and fear around eating, perpetuating a sense of chaos and lack of control.

Do you wonder what life could be like if you were finally free from the internal struggle?

Whether you struggle with body image issues, Binging Restricting, Purging, Over Exercising or a Combination of These, Eating Disorder Treatment Can Help.

You are not alone. Many People Dislike Their Bodies.

Focusing excessively on weight and diet is more common than you think, especially in Baton Rouge where trying to fit in and be liked is ever present.

As you know, messages from social media, family and friends about how our bodies should look are constantly bombarding us.

Often, an eating disorder is a signal that something else is going on inside. Maybe you have had a recent loss, or intense emotional experience or an accumulation of complex trauma. Eating Disorder Therapy can help you uncover the source of your confusion and pain.

If your struggle with an eating disorder has been filled with a mix of conflicting emotions, like sadness, anxiety, and a deep desire for change, we are here to provide support and guidance on your path.

Disordered Eating often presents itself in one or more of the following ways...

Emotional Eating: Emotional eating is a common behavior where you turn to food as a way to cope with your emotions, such as stress, sadness, boredom, or loneliness. In times of distress, you may seek comfort or distraction through eating, often consuming larger amounts of food than you would under normal circumstances. Emotional eating can be a response to a temporary situation or a long-standing pattern. At our healing center in Baton Rouge, we can help you uncover the source of your discomfort and develop healthier ways to release stuck emotions that contribute to this coping behavior.

Binge Eating: Binge eating is characterized by recurrent episodes of consuming large quantities of food in a short period, accompanied by a feeling of loss of control. You may experience distress, guilt, and shame about your eating behaviors if you're struggling with binge eating disorder. At Highland Healing Center, we offer resources and therapy options specifically designed for individuals like you who are facing binge eating disorder. Our Baton Rouge Therapists can work with you to understand triggers and urges and develop compassion for the emotional aspects that contribute to binge eating.

Anorexia Nervosa: Anorexia nervosa is a serious eating disorder characterized by a relentless pursuit of thinness, an intense fear of gaining weight and certain foods, and a distorted body image. You may engage in severe restriction of food intake, excessive exercise, and other behaviors to maintain a significantly low body weight. Highland Healing Center provides specialized treatment that addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of what you are going through. Our therapy sessions focus on restoring your physical health, understanding and changing your negative core beliefs, and developing a positive self-image.

Bulimia: Bulimia is an eating disorder characterized by recurrent episodes of binge eating followed by compensatory behaviors such as self-induced vomiting, excessive exercise, or the overuse of laxatives. You often feel trapped in a cycle of secretive binge eating and subsequent purging, which can lead to severe physical and emotional consequences. Our team of therapists will partner with you, providing support and therapy to address any underlying emotional issues, develop healthier coping strategies, and help you break free from the cycle.

You Can Have Control Of Your Life Again

Eating disorder treatment can be extremely effective in helping you experience more freedom, joy, creativity and satisfaction in your daily life.

Whether you choose Individual, Group Treatment or a combination of both, our trained Baton Rouge therapists are here to help.

What Does Eating Disorder Treatment Look Like?

Our environment is a safe and welcoming space. We want you to feel you can share openly without any fear of judgment.

We use a combination of a body-centered (somatic experiencing) and trauma sensitive approach to help you develop the ability to listen to your body and uncover the core issues that are causing your eating and body issues.

In addition to a body-centered approach, you will be given support, education, and practical strategies. During a therapy session, you will begin to develop a new relationship to your thoughts, emotions and body. Many times this happens once safety is felt in the therapeutic relationship itself. Most of our core issues and struggles arise in relationships. Therefore, a secure supportive relationship built in therapy will help you develop a healthy relationship with yourself and with others.

I'm not sure I have a "full-blown" eating disorder. Maybe I don’t need eating disorder treatment.

You don't have to be sick and dying to "deserve" help! Even if you feel your eating disorder is not severe, it is probably preventing you from having a satisfying life. In essence, you may be using it to numb or to cope with stress. This can keep you from connecting with others.

As a result of feeling numb, you could be missing out on the wonderful range of emotions life has to offer – including joy. It is possible to find new ways to relate to your mind and body, no matter how critical you feel your issues are.

Will I need Group Therapy?

After 6 weeks in individual treatment, many are ready to join group therapy for more support. Our Group Therapy for Eating Disorders in Baton Rouge uses the healing approach based on Internal Family Systems. Each group is limited to 8 participants and is a closed group, meaning the group members who start together will stay together for the entire 12 weeks to create a safe and connected space.

I’m worried that if I seek out eating disorder treatment and stop thinking about my weight all the time, I will gain weight.

This is a common worry. Surprisingly, once you start listening to your body, you can improve your overall nutrition and health. The good news is that many people are able to feel healthy and comfortable at their natural weight. As a result, this allows them more time and energy to move on to important things such as pursuing pleasure and enjoyment in life.

Ultimately, when you learn to deeply listen to your body's intuition, you may be amazed at how energized and enthusiastic you feel.

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