Child Therapy

Are You Worried About Your Child and Not Sure Where to Find Help?

Are you wondering if child counseling could help?

Is your child having trouble adjusting in school or at home?

Maybe your child has persistent anxiety and overreacts to situations that seem out of proportion to the event.

Are you exhausted and not sure what to do next or where to seek help?

Do you wish you could help your child feel settled and more at peace?

Many Parents Have No Idea Where To Go For Help.

When your child is struggling it is common for the parent to feel lost and desperate for help especially in Baton Rouge where options for speciality care are limited.

It makes sense that you want to find someone that you and your child can trust, and yet you're not sure where to start.

While finding a therapist in Louisiana who is reputable and holds a professional degree is important, it is crucial to find someone your child feels comfortable with. We know how important this connection is so we offer options.

One option is for you and your child to meet with a therapist for a brief consultation before committing to regular visits. Our therapists offer free consultations to make sure you and your child feel like this is a good fit before moving forward.

Children are intuitively in touch with their gut instincts and even though therapy might not be their idea, they will either be drawn to the therapist or not. We feel it is imperative to listen to your child and we are committed to finding a good client-therapist match that combines expertise and connection.

Yes, Your Child Can Overcome A Mental Health or Emotional Issue

Child counseling can help children and families learn to express themselves in healthier ways. Parenting can feel lonely and daunting, and child counseling can offer support and encouragement as well as build on what you are already doing.

Whether you have a supportive co-parent or not, parenting is hard. Seeking help is a courageous step and having support for you and your child can help with feeling like you are not in this by yourself. Our team of therapists are committed to helping you and your child heal and thrive in your own unique ways.

Our child therapists at our Baton Rouge Center have helped children and families find solutions and know there is not one right answer for how to help your child feel at peace because each child is unique. We celebrate all the creative nuances and help your child recognize their gifts and learn to celebrate their authentic selves.

Maybe you feel like your schedule is so full already and how will we have time for child counseling?

Prioritizing healing and connection will mean you will have more time to do the things that bring you joy instead of constant worry. You as the parent will be encouraged to care for yourself more. This may mean you have more time alone or with friends. Really it's whatever nurtures YOU…this may feel impossible right now and yet we know from experience your child will feel more secure and balanced when you make yourself a priority. It is possible to be a present, caring parent and prioritize your needs and desires.

You may believe that child counseling can help bring peace, but still have questions or concerns…

If My Child Won’t Talk, How Will You Know What Is Going On?

Since children usually express themselves in non-verbal ways, We use our training in Internal Family Systems(IFS) as a way for finding clues to what is happening in your child’s inner world as well as for helping your child express how past events affected them.

Many times, behavioral issues arise because a child did not get to fully process an experience from an earlier age, which causes them to feel stuck and makes adapting to a changing environment more difficult.

During child counseling using IFS and other modalities, we will help your child process these issues by using the creative and emotional right side of the brain to speak a child’s language. Because children most often use metaphors instead of direct language, sometimes all it takes is having an environment where a child can safely revisit issues and form new responses. The good news is, as your child begins to overcome their obstacles, your child will start to act more like his or her real self, bringing greater harmony and understanding to your family as a whole.

How Will Child Therapy using Internal Family Systems (IFS) Help My Child Learn New Coping Skills?

As mentioned above, children encounter their world at an experiential rather than cognitive level. This is because the frontal lobe of the child’s brain – which is the rational part – is not fully developed yet. Because of this, children use symbols and metaphors when expressing themselves. In child counseling, it is our job to relate to what it is like to live in your child’s world, so we can use language to express to them what he or she is feeling.

In fact the creators of the Pixar film Inside Out consulted with Richard Swartz, the founder of Internal Family Systems, to make sure they were correctly portraying the internal world of the main character. Most children love personifying their different emotions and parts of themselves for example, the angry part or the part that lashes out and the part that is sad. Once your child can begin to name the parts of their personality and emotions this will help them better understand and then better communicate about what is going on in their internal world. It is our job to help your child access this complex and creative inner world and with time and practice, he or she can strengthen his or her own ability and can help him cope in more rational and empowering ways.

How Will I Be Part Of My Child's Therapy?

Our child therapist will be available to meet with you and discuss what themes are coming up during the sessions and communicate what underlying emotional issues are troubling your child. At that time, we can brainstorm how to best meet your child’s needs. Sometimes, all it takes is figuring out what children are feeling and letting them know we understand. Also, your child’s therapist will be available to answer any questions or concerns you might be having along the way. It is also important to keep in mind that we also need to give your child some privacy and space to work and process through whatever is in their way. And of course you are an integral part of their healing journey.

Our therapists at HHC want you to know you are not alone. We are here to help you and your child renew the gift of connecting with each other and knowing that you can navigate life's challenges in a whole new way.

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