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Trauma Bonds and Pets

Pets and Us The majority of Americans are pet owners, and of those, a full 97% consider their pet a family member. How do we choose these family members, and what do our choices tell us about our past trauma? Choosing a pet combines that nebulous feeling of interpersonal connection with a variety of factors […]

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Attachment and Trauma

Defining Attachment and Authenticity In his book, The Myth of Normal, Gabor Maté writes: “We’re born with a need for attachment and a need for authenticity…Most people abandon their true selves (authenticity) to please others and keep the relationships (attachments), even if they are ones that are toxic and destructive.” Simply put, attachment and authenticity

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What Is Trauma

In today’s world, the word trauma is used regularly. However, it is sometimes taken out of context and exaggerated. For example, some people use the word “traumatic” to describe a deeply unpleasant experience that didn’t leave any physical scars. Dr. Maté told Jay Shetty that “all trauma is stressful, but not all stress is traumatic.”The

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